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Each garment is made-to-order by hand, by designer Keva Rands or friends across Auckland City.

Customisations in fit, length and materials are available by emailing

Everything is made from 100% natural fibres; Linens, Cottons, Wools and Silks.


With roots in the south pacific and having been raised in Northland Aotearoa, Papa designer Keva Rands likes to tie in aspects of her heritage and personal background with her design and process. Each garment having subtle references to clothing from the islands and rural New Zealand.

The relationship between garment and maker is fundamental to Papa and to its customers. The diversity of the Papa customer base across age, gender and culture reflects the inclusivity that underpins Rands' designs. Family is at the heart of Papa, and each carefully crafted piece is an invitation to join.

The name Papa comes from designer Keva's namesake, Keva Richard Low, who was known to his mokopuna only as 'Papa'.

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